We Have Snacks for Your Online Finals

We Have Snacks for Your Online Finals


So you finally nailed this online school thing. You’ve stopped accidentally unmuting yourself at the worst times. You’ve settled into a schedule without the help of a physical classroom. You embraced pajama bottoms even more than you would have anyway, you learned how to drown out your family’s nonsense, and you even picked out some great quarantine snacks. 


But just when you’ve finally got the hang of virtual school, you realize that exam season is just around the corner. Whether you’re dealing with midterms or finals, we’re here to help. 

First, the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783. You’re welcome. 

Second, we have the quarantine snacks you need to power yourself through your studies. 

Best Quarantine Snacks for Finals and Midterms 

What makes the best quarantine snacks for studying? We used a very scientific process (i.e., we ate a lot of snacks) to figure it out. Here’s what we came up with. 


First of all, you want something that you can take on the go. Portable snacks give you convenience, and convenience is vital. You don’t need any extra complications when you’re trying to pass an organic chemistry class over Zoom. Trust us. 

Plus, portable snacks can fit into your studies more easily. It’s easier to reach for a handful of nuts while you’re studying than it is to take a bite out of a piece of lasagna. And if you’re the type that likes to move around while you memorize facts, that lasagna will really just weigh you down. 


Also, you don’t want to get lasagna all over your flashcards. 

When it’s time to study, the perfect quarantine snacks are also non-messy snacks. At most, you want a snack that involves minimal cleanup — like licking cheese dust off your fingers. Other than that, keep your snacks clean and simple. Avoid things that melt or spill easily. A mess will cause a distraction, and not the fun kind. 

Brain Food 

Obviously, you want snacks that will help your brain, right? Well, it turns out that your nuts and you
r brain are a match made in heaven. 

First, you’ve got the carb to protein ratio. Carbs are a short-term fuel source. They’re what you want when your brain needs a boost right now. On the other hand, protein is what you need for long-term energy. Nuts have a great balance of both, so basically, you’re killing two birds with one nut. It’s the balance that makes nuts the best quarantine snacks. Plus, nuts are full of the good fats that your brain needs to thrive. 

Try My Nuts 

So, did we mention that nuts are perfect for studying? Because nuts are perfect for studying. Also, nuts are kind of our specialty. We have the nuts that you need to power your brain through your next study session. Let’s pause for a minute to consider the perfect nuts for studying. Are your nuts salty? Do your nuts taste sweet? Spicy? Some people like their nuts to have a little bit of everything. 

Heck, we know a guy who dipped his nuts in honey mustard. We in the nut community call those nuts “Surf Doggies.” 

Beef Jerky 

Beef jerky has just about everything you want from the best quarantine snacks. Lots of protein? Check. Portability? Check. Non-messy? Check. 

Don’t stop at beef jerky, though. Why not sink your teeth into some exotic animal beef jerky? Buffalo Bob’s Jerky is perfect for a geography final. Munch on some alligator jerky when learning about life on the bayou. Eat kangaroo jerky while studying Australia. Buffalo jerky pairs well with a lesson on the Wild West. 

Really bring those lessons to life. 

Need a Kick in the Hazelnuts? 


While you’re loading up on the best quarantine snacks, don’t forget about the coffee. If you need coffee for your late-night studies, we have seven humorously-named choices, from Stiffie Coffee Pods to the ever-popular Wake the F Up Coffee. And if there was ever a time for you to Wake the F Up, it’s finals season. 

Post-Coffee Mints 

Once you’re done with your coffee, go ahead and pop a mint. No, it’s not to keep your breath fresh. Not this year, when we don’t speak to other humans face to face. 

This time, the mint is to keep your brain awake. Fun fact: If you suck on a mint while you’re studying, and then suck on the same flavor of mint during your test, you’ll remember what you studied more easily. Your brain will make connections between the taste of the mint and the thing you were studying at the time. 

Spicy Snacks Can Kick You Into Gear 

We’ve already talked coffee, so what else can you do to wake up your brain? Some people like to jump into a cold shower. Will it work? Yes. Will it be unpleasant? Very much yes. Also, it’s almost winter. Don’t do that. Forget we brought it up. 

Anyway, we have a better suggestion: Just eat something spicy. The spiciness will wake up your taste buds, which may just wake up the rest of you, too. 

Give Yourself a Sweet Treat 

With all of the studying you’re doing, you deserve a treat. Whether you want chocolate covered nuts, gummy bears, or the ever-popular white trash, why not take a minute to indulge? Or use candies to trick yourself into studying. For every fact you memorize, eat a gummy bear. 

Browse the Best Quarantine Snacks 

Life is weird, and you deserve the best quarantine snacks. Especially when you’re getting ready for midterms and finals. Scroll through Try My Nuts to see the best snack options for your study sessions. We’ve got candy, jerky, coffee, and of course, all kinds of nuts. So grab your nuts now, and ace those exams. We’re rooting for you.

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