We Love Dirty White Trash

We Love Dirty White Trash

Do you love white trash? We do. We love all kinds of white trash, and dirty white trash is our favorite. We’re not judging, though. Maybe you prefer the regular white trash when it comes to your nut gifts. That’s cool with us. At Try My Nuts, our white trash is a delicious mix of pretzels, crisp cereals, and pecans covered in a white chocolate confection. If you want dirty white trash instead, you can get the same mixture drizzled with milk chocolate. It’s perfect for any occasion that calls for nut gifts.

Pulling No Punches

Listen, our dirty white trash knows what it is. (Delicious, that’s what.) It’s simple, it’s not even a little bit fancy, and you can even get it in a burlap trash bucket if that’s what you want. As far as nut gifts go, this one isn’t going to go disguising itself as some refined cocktail party food. It’s the very definition of simplicity. It’s also the very definition of tasty, so go ahead and grab a handful.

Sweet and Salty

When you buy your nut gifts, sometimes you want the sweetness of chocolate and pecans. Sometimes you want the saltiness of pretzels and crisp cereal. Here’s an idea for you: Why not have both at the same time? When one flavor on its own isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings, dirty white trash will always be here for you. You get different flavors and textures that all complement each other in the best way.

Something for Everyone

If you want variety, look no further than our white trash. Sure, you’ve got some variety between white trash and dirty white trash, but your choices go a whole lot further than that. We already brought up the burlap trash bucket. But what if you’re looking for something a little more festive? Say, nut gifts for the holidays? In that case, why not try a candy cane full of dirty white trash? Want to go even simpler? Then here’s the regular dirty white trash bag. No matter the occasion, dirty white trash has something for everyone.

Nut Gifts

Hey, need some nut gifts? Then go ahead and give our dirty white trash a try. We’re sure that you’ll love our dirty white trash just as much as we do. Whether you’re looking for nut gifts or just want some snacks for yourself, we’ve got you covered. We even offer heat resistant packaging to keep your chocolate from melting. Ready to get your dirty white trash? Check out the deliciousness today.

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