We Need To Talk About This Sexy Hot Sauce Bottle

We Need To Talk About This Sexy Hot Sauce Bottle

Listen, we need to talk about this Adam hot sauce. 


It’s the hot sauce that’ll make you do a double-take. Last week, we talked about some of the newest products available at Try My Nuts, and Adam was a part of that list. Well, you don’t see a bottle of hot sauce like that every day, and let’s be honest, that guy is hot. Adam hot sauce deserves more than just a couple of paragraphs, so here’s an entire blog post. Ready to spice up your sauce life? Then it’s time to give Adam here a try. 


You’re welcome


Adam Hot Sauce: The Sexy Hot Sauce You Didn’t Know You Needed 

Look at that guy. That’s the most confident bottle of hot sauce we’ve ever seen. That’s the hot sauce that’ll give all of the other hot sauces a complex. Adam up there is the reason why other hot sauces get self-conscious at the beach. Adam is the hot sauce that inspires all of the other hot sauces to buy a gym membership. He’s so sexy that you almost can’t even order him if you’re browsing with safe search mode turned on. 


You may not have realized that you needed Adam hot sauce in your life, but come on. Now that you’ve seen him, he’s irresistible, much like that fruit he wasn’t supposed to eat. Could it be time for you to invite Adam into your house? Then go ahead and bring him home from the garden. 


He’s Hot In More Ways Than One 

Sure, Adam is spicy, but he’s more than one kind of spicy. He’s easy on the eyes but tough on the taste buds, and not in a bad way. See, Adam is more than just good looks. He’s also got plenty of substance go around. In this case, that substance comes in the form of five ounces of hot sauce. It’s as red as an apple from Eden’s most famous tree, and it’s just as flavorful. 


When you need to wake up your taste buds with some extra heat, then Adam is certainly ready to bring that heat. This hot sauce is made from cayenne pepper, vinegar, and garlic, giving a flavorful kick to different foods. So, what do you say? You want to take Adam out to dinner? He’s ready to add lots of spice to your life. 


Cajohn’s Famous Hot Sauce 

Lest we jump right back into talking about the shape of Adam’s bottle, let’s talk a little more about the hot sauce inside. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Even when a bottle of hot sauce has broad shoulders. 


The Adam hot sauce bottle is filled with Cajohn’s famous hot sauce. What’s so special about Cajohn’s hot sauce? Cajohn’s hot sauce is blended in small batches with a lot of attention to detail. It’s a deeply flavorful hot sauce for those who know that hot sauce isn’t just about the heat. Taste is just as important as heat when it comes to hot sauce, and Cajohn’s hot sauce is all about the taste. It’s a premium blend of flavors that hot sauce aficionados enjoy, whether or not it comes in a bottle with chiseled ab muscles. 


That said, the chiseled ab muscles don’t hurt. Yes, we’re back to talking about the bottle. Quarantine life is hard. 


A Work Of Art From German Glass 

Truly, Adam here is a work of art. He’s quite literally the perfect human specimen, if you want to get theological about it. He’s got a beautiful glass bottle made from German art glass, although some people swear that he came straight from the Garden of Eden. If you dare to look at him up close, you’ll notice that he’s beautifully detailed. You don’t get a piece of art like that without lots of time and effort on the part of the artist. 


You won’t want to throw this bottle away once you’ve finished all of the hot sauce. Honestly, Adam wouldn’t be out of place on a shelf with other art pieces. You can put this bottle on display like you’re a high-brow art collector who enjoys the most tasteful designs. 


Then, once you’re allowed to interact with other humans again, the friends you invite to your house will say “Wow, what a beautiful glass bottle. Where did you get it?” 


And then you can tell your friends that it’s a hot sauce bottle that you got from a site called Try My Nuts. 


Nothing normal comes from this year. 



What’s Adam Without Eve? 

We couldn’t possibly forget Eve, now could we? She’s Adam’s companion, both in the Garden of Eden and on the spice rack. She’s no less sexy than her male counterpart, either. Like Adam, Eve has one of the sexiest hot sauce bottles you can buy without ringing up some questionable credit card charges that you have to hide from your family. 


Also like Adam, she’s a German art glass bottle that’s filled with Cajohn’s famous hot sauce. Get double the flavor with double the art. 


Adam and Eve belong together. They were literally made for each other, the way that your burrito was made for some delicious hot sauce. Bring both bottles into your home so that you can avoid keeping them apart. They’ll be happier together, and again, you’ll get more hot sauce. Everybody wins here. 


Ready To Taste This Forbidden Fruit? 

Ready to bring your food to the heavens with the world’s most biblical hot sauce? Then Adam and Eve are waiting for you. You can find both the Adam hot sauce and the Even hot sauce at Try My Nuts. While you’re here, take a look around at some of the other snacks and fun foods that we have to offer. 


Whether you want food of the sexy variety or just some nuts to get you through your next snack craving, Try My Nuts has you covered. 




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