Wear Your Love for Nuts on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Love for Nuts on Your Sleeve

Hey, you! Do you love nuts? Do you know someone who loves nuts? If you’re nuts for nuts, or if you just want some ideas for unique gifts, how about some nutty apparel? At Try My Nuts, not only do we carry the tastiest nuts, but we also have the best nut gifts to go with them. So grab a handful of cashews, and settle in for the best gift overview that you’ll ever read. You’re welcome.

Shirts and Hats

She who holds the nuts holds the power. Do you live by that motto? We do. So, who holds the nuts in your house? If it’s you, why not wear that fact proudly on a comfy cotton tee shirt? Do you believe that we have the best nuts you’ll ever put in your mouth? Well, guess what. We’ve got a shirt for you, too. All of our shirts are soft, funny, and make great unique gifts for the people in your life who already have everything. (At the very least, maybe you’ll get these people to stop saying “nothing” when you ask what they want. It couldn’t hurt, anyway.)
Looking for something more simple? How about a Try My Nuts hat? That way, when someone asks you where you got those delicious nuts, you can just point to your hat.

For the Lil’ Peanut

Want unique gifts for the lil’ peanut? Then let’s move from the silly to the adorable with these Lil’ Peanut onesies. You can get one in pink or blue. And with sizes from newborn up to 24 months, your kid can rock that apparel until he’s two years old!


We’ve done adorable, and now it’s time to take a turn back to the silly. How do we do that? With boxers, of course. Now, you can proudly wear the Try My Nuts logo on your boxers. They’re super soft and stretchy, so you may want to get more than one pair. We know that these boxers will become your favorites.

Unique Gifts

Any time you want unique gift ideas, Try My Nuts is here to provide. Whether you need nutty apparel, coffee, and snacks, or just some regular nuts, we’ve got the gifts for you to delight every friend and family member. You might as well get a little something for yourself, too. Ready to start shopping? Take a look at our apparel today.

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