What to Do When Your Nuts are Crabby

What to Do When Your Nuts are Crabby

Have you ever woken up with crabby nuts? We have. As a matter of fact, we’ve done it more than once. Now, when your nuts are crabby, you’ve got to treat them right. Not sure what to do? That’s okay. We’ve come up with a few ideas. Here are some things you can do for even the crabbiest of nuts. 


Take Your Nuts for a Walk 

If your nuts are crabby, maybe a nice walk will help. Take those nuts for a stroll around the park. Introduce them to a few people. Give those nuts some fresh air. A little bit of fresh air and sunshine can do crabby nuts some good. Are those nuts still crabby after a walk? Well, then it’s time to move on to something else. 


Give Your Nuts a Break 

Hey, maybe those crabby nuts just need a break, you know? We could all use a break every now and then. Give those nuts the break that they deserve. Keep your nuts at home. Store them in a cool, dry place. It’s like self care, but it’s for nuts. Don’t put a face mask on your crabby nuts, though. That would just be weird, and it wouldn’t make them taste very good. 


Let Your Nuts Have Some Fun 

If your nuts don’t want a break, then maybe they just need some room to breathe. In that case, take your nuts out to party. Who doesn’t love nuts at a party? Even crabby nuts will be a big hit. Sometimes, nuts just want a chance to be in the spotlight. The snack table is the perfect spot. 


Eat ‘Em 

Are your nuts still crabby after all of that fun and relaxation? Well, that’s because they’re supposed to be that way. Crabby Nuts are Virginia peanuts coated in the best seafood seasoning. Nobody can resist the spice of these nuts. If you find yourself with some Crabby Nuts, then just go ahead and pop them in your mouth. It’s the only logical response. 


Crabby Nuts 

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