What’s New At Try My Nuts?

What’s New At Try My Nuts?

So, what’s new at Try My Nuts, you ask?


Life may still be weird, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some new and exciting things for you to try. Some of these products are here for the first time, and some are back again after a brief departure. If your quarantine life doesn’t have a lot of variety right now, maybe some of these new products can help. Ready? Good. Then let’s take a look at what’s new. 


The Sweetest Gift Basket 

A gift basket with chocolates and a dark brown teddy bear


How do you spread the love without spreading all the things that you’re not supposed to be spreading right now? You can always go with a gift basket. And that’s where this adorable bear comes in. 


The “I love you more than chocolate” gift basket is new here at Try My Nuts, and it’s here to make your loved one’s life a little sweeter during these weird times. This basket comes with a sweet teddy bear and an even sweeter assortment of chocolate gifts. Plus, once your recipient has finished the chocolate, they can keep the basket to store all of that surplus toilet paper they bought back in March.


Dip Into Something New 

Now, let’s talk dipping sauce. Anyone else bored with ranch yet? And then there’s ketchup, which, while versatile, does get a little “blah” after a while. We’re not ones to ditch the classics, but sometimes, people do need to try something a little different. 


Never fear. Terrapin Ridge Farms is here. At Try My Nuts, we now carry three new varieties of Terrapin Ridge Farms dips: roasted garlic and horseradish, bacon pepper, and raspberry honey mustard. Maybe you’d like some new flavors for steaks and burgers, or maybe you’re just tired of dipping your pretzels into regular cheese. In any case, we’re always here to satisfy the adventurous eater. 


Bring On The Heat 

And now for some spice! In case you haven’t noticed by this point, we’re fans of spicy snacks here at Try My Nuts. We even have a separate category on our site just for hot nuts, and we carry plenty of spicy options for you to choose from. Who doesn’t love a good hot nut? Sometimes you just need to bring the heat. 


Out of all of the new products we carry, most of them have at least a little bit of a kick to them. And why shouldn’t they? Something has to add a little spice to your life once you’ve worn out all of your streaming services, right? Maybe the ending of Lost will hit differently if your eyes are watering while you watch it. 

Hot Sauce 

We’ve got three exciting updates in our “hot sauce” category. First up is the Eve Hot Sauce

A glass bottle of hot sauce in the shape of a woman's body

She’s new here, straight from the Garden of Eden. Or Germany. Okay, fine. The bottle is German art glass, and the hot sauce itself is CaJohn’s famous hot sauce. And hey, for those of you who lean more towards Adam than Eve, we’ve got you covered, too. 




A glass bottle of hot sauce in the shape of a man's body


Because quarantine is lonely for all of us. 


Now, if you don’t want a lot of extra sexiness with your hot sauce, there’s always the new Category 5 hot sauce. It’s based on the same butternut squash recipe as our Category 3 hot sauce, but it kicks the spice up a notch. Well, two notches. This hot sauce isn’t for amateurs, but if you’re craving a lot of extra spice in your life, this is the sauce that you want. 


Finally, there’s the Holiday Heat Gift Pack for those of you who want to get a head start on your holiday shopping. 



Back with a newly redesigned package, this hot sauce trio is ready to warm up the winter blues. The hot sauces include Rudolph the Red-Assed Reindeer, Frosty’s Demise, and Santa’s Smokin’ Chimney. We’ll warn you, though. These guys can heat up faster than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Take it from Santa. 



That’s the face of a man who knows a hot chimney when he sees one.  

Tube Of Terror Challenge 

It’s back! Welcome to the Tube of Terror Challenge, one of our favorite challenges here at Try My Nuts. It’s the hottest way to pass the time that doesn’t involve Adam and Eve up there. 




Challenge yourself, or challenge the housemate you’ve been stuck with since the middle of March. Keep in mind that this thing was designed for multiple people, so if it’s just you at home, be careful with the Tube. Please, for the love of your own esophagus, do not attempt to get through this entire thing in one sitting. 


Pace yourself, and have a glass of milk or a slice of bread nearby to put out the heat. Water isn’t going to help you here. 

Carolina Reaper Pepper Pod 

Now, what if you like the spice but want to go straight to the source? In that case, you’re looking for the Carolina Reaper pepper pod. We use the Carolina Reaper pepper in a lot of our spiciest Try My Nuts products. 

A Celebration For 20 Years Of Nuts 

This product isn’t a snack, but this 20th anniversary shirt is something we’re quite proud of. Did you know that we’ve been in the nut business for over 20 years? And it’s all thanks to loyal customers like you being as nuts for nuts as we are. 


This 100% cotton shirt will give you the perfect way to show your love for nuts, and we could all use some more comfortable clothing these days. 


Want to celebrate with us? Then grab one of these shirts. They come in a variety of colors, so find one that matches your style. 

Try My Nuts 

Whether you want to try one of our new options or would rather stick with your favorite nuts, we’ve got the nuttiest flavors on the block. Want to Try My Nuts? Then take a look at all the nuts, fun food, and more that we have to offer on our website. 


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