Who Wants Some Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans?

Who Wants Some Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans?



Do you love chocolate? How about coffee? Are you looking for a fun and delicious last-minute (and by last-minute, we mean very late) gift for friends and family? Then chocolate-covered espresso beans are here for you. If you’re looking for a snack that can put some extra pep in your step, then please allow us to espress ourselves and tell you just how great chocolate espresso beans really are. 


Chocolate Espresso Beans are Like Eating Your Coffee – But Better 

Okay, hear us out on this one. You like chocolate coffee drinks, right? Who doesn’t? Just like chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and coffee were meant to be together. It’s okay, peanut butter doesn’t mind. We already asked. They’re cool like that. 

Anyway, chocolate espresso beans make the experience even better. It’s freezing outside, and as much as you love that frappe, it’s not exactly the best time to drink it, weather-wise. Chocolate espresso beans give you all of the deliciousness of your favorite frozen coffee drink, but they give it to you in a convenient, very portable snack form. And they won’t even make your hands cold. That’s a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one. 

Sweet, But Not Too Sweet 

Chocolate espresso beans make a good choice for people who only have a slight sweet tooth. Maybe you like a little bit of sweetness, but not too much. Well, if the sweet and salty combination isn’t doing it for you, why not balance the sweetness of chocolate with the taste of coffee? For some, this combination has just the right amount of sweetness. It’s sweet, but not so sweet that it’s showing you YouTube videos of dogs who are friends with babies, you know? For more sweetness, go for the milk chocolate beans. For less sweetness, try dark chocolate instead. 

Go Right to the Caffeinated Source 


Now, let’s talk caffeine. The holidays are over, but the days are still short. There’s work to be done, and maybe your motivation isn’t quite where it was back when the sun waited until a normal hour to disappear at night. A lot of us drink our motivation in the form of coffee, but sometimes you still need a bit of an extr
a jolt. An afternoon pick-me-up, if you will. Well, some chocolate espresso beans will pick you up, that’s for sure. 

As a matter of fact, chocolate espresso beans actually have a higher concentration of caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. That’s because you’re going right to the source and putting those coffee beans directly into your mouth instead of diluting them with water. 

That’s why we recommend eating a few at a time and then seeing how you feel before you keep going. If you eat too many at once, you may start seeing sounds, hearing sights, and traveling to the seventh dimension. Or you might end up driving halfway to the grocery store before you realize that you’re out of gas and powering your car with the force of your mind. 

And you’ll definitely want to keep these things out of the children’s reach, because it’s going to be really hard to get your kid to sleep if he’s levitating. 

Not Quite Junk Food 

So, you want a sweet treat, but you haven’t reached the point of diving straight into a bag of sugar just yet. You want something to satisfy your craving, but you’re not in the mood to ruin your New Year’s resolution. (Although, after the year we all just had, our only resolution should be something like “put on pants more than twice a week.”) Anyway, chocolate espresso beans do contain sugar. The milk chocolate beans contain more than the dark chocolate beans. That said, both coffee and chocolate have some health benefits on their own, including some mood-lifting benefits. And not to make too many 2020 references, but boy, could we all use some mood-lifting to help us move forward this year. 


Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets 

Now, you don’t have to keep all those chocolate espresso beans to yourself. Sure, the holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a reason to give the gift of wakefulness. A lot of people could use a little bit of extra pep these days, including college students, shift workers, and people who just cannot deal with the virtual schooling thing anymore. And the best kind of wakefulness is chocolate-flavored wakefulness. 

So whether you’re giving this chocolatey goodness for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just a “congratulations for making it through the last year” gift, you can always get your beans in a gift basket or gift box. There’s the Coffee Gift Box, which includes espresso beans, a mug, and a bag of Wake the F Up Coffee. Then there’s the Dark Chocolate Lover Gift Box, which contains espresso beans along with a whole range of other chocolate-covered snacks. 

How to Choose the Best Chocolate Espresso Beans 

Whether you want espresso beans for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there’s an art to choosing the right ones. First of all, you’ll want a good bean-to-chocolate ratio. Some people skimp on the chocolate, but we don’t do that. Without the right amount of chocolate, you might as well be eating black coffee by itself. 

Next, make sure that you get your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. This way, you get the amount of sweetness that you want. We have both, so there’s no reason to compromise. 

Try My Chocolate Espresso Beans 

Chocolate espresso beans are one of the tasti
est ways to get an extra boost of motivation. Get your milk chocolate or dark chocolate espresso beans from Try My Nuts now, or take a look at your gift basket and gift box options. And if you want something salty to go along with your chocolate snack, then you can also go ahead and Try My Nuts.


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