Why Nuts Make the Best Corporate Gifts in 2020

Why Nuts Make the Best Corporate Gifts in 2020



Ah, the holidays. ‘Tis the season for family, friendship, and arguing with strangers on social media about the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music. It’s also the season for corporate gifts, which is always fun for those who already suck at gift-giving. It’s hard enough finding gifts for your own family members, and now you need gifts for people you only sort of know? How are you supposed to know what Debbie from HR wants for the holidays? 

Anyway, we have a simple solution, and that solution is nuts. Literally, you should give nuts as corporate gifts this year. Unless Debbie is allergic to nuts (it’s always best to find out), nuts make awesome corporate gifts. Why? We’ll tell you. 


They Fit the Theme 

Not to reach for the low-hanging fruit here, but can we all agree that 2020 has been nuts? In any other year, the murder hornets would’ve been bigger news, but this year? Nope! Those guys are the literal least of our worries this year. Please. You read at least six weirder news stories before you finish your coffee these days. At this point, a band of assassin penguins could take over Times Square, and they would barely make the headlines. 

Anyway. Where were we? Right, corporate gifts. The point is that this year has been nuts, and nuts make good corporate gifts because they fit the theme. 

And speaking of themes, our nut gift baskets do have themes that aren’t quite so on-the-nose. We have gift baskets for the holidays, gift baskets to say thank you, and so on. We didn’t have time to make an apocalypse-themed gift basket, but we’re pretty sure the sentiment is implied. 


Finding a Balance is Nuts 

So here’s the thing about corporate gifts: you have to find a balance. You don’t want too much or too little, too expensive or too cheap. It’s a minefield, really, and you want to navigate it perfectly. The whole thing is nuts, but that’s perfect because nuts strike the ideal balance. They’re a thoughtful gift, but they’re not too personal. They’re unique among corporate gifts, but not so unique that your clients have to Google search whatever it is that you sent them. 

And the best part is that they’re simple. We’ll take care of the hard parts, including shipping your gifts where they need to go. You just choose your client’s nuts. 


Boost Workplace Morale 

Corporate gifts have a lot of uses, including kissing up to your boss. But what if you are the boss? First of all, congratulations on all of the kiss-up gifts you’re about to get. Second of all, don’t forget that end-of-the-year gifts can boost office morale. And boy oh boy, do we all need some extra morale this year. 

See, baskets of nuts make good gifts because they’re delightful. They’re tasty, nutritious, and humorous. Nuts give you a great way to say, “Hey, thanks for all the hard work that you’ve done this year. I couldn’t have done it without you.” People need to feel appreciated, especially in this, the Year of the Murder Hornets. We could all use some nuts. 


From Clients to Bosses, Nuts Make Great Corporate Gifts 

Honestly, nuts make good corporate gifts for everyone on your work list. Need gifts for employees? Nuts will put a smile on their face. What about your boss? Hey, bosses love tasty snacks. And clients? Yep, nuts are great for them, too. It all goes back to that balance we mentioned earlier. 

Plus, nuts come with lots of variety, so there’s something for everybody. From the classic peanut to the shapely cashew, you can fill your gift boxes with all sorts of tasty snacks. The variety doesn’t stop there, of course. You can mix flavors like sweet, spicy, and savory to create a full flavor experience. And — we never miss an opportunity to say it — you really can’t go wrong with salty nuts. 

So why not take the stress out of gift-giving and go nuts? You’ll get just enough room to be creative without having to stress yourself out, and you’ll find something that works for everyone on your corporate list. 


You Are Your Own Best Coworker 


So, have you ever thought about getting corporate gifts for your darned self? We have. And why shouldn’t you go nuts with your own gifts this year? If you’ve been working from home, then you are your own best coworker. 

And you know what? You may be the only coworker in your current office that deserves some nuts as a treat. Those tiny coworkers keep leaving their Lego bricks all over the floor. At least Debbie from HR never did that. 


Ideas for Corporate Gifts 

Okay, we’ve established why nuts make great corporate gifts, but now you need some specific ideas. We’ve got some choices for you, and a lot of them are customizable. 

First, there are gift baskets. Each of our gift baskets come with a theme, although we don’t recommend giving the Burn Your Ass Gift Basket to any important clients. A lot of our other choices would be perfect, though, and they don’t just contain nuts. You can get gift baskets with coffee, hot sauce, chocolate, and a variety of other things. 

Gift boxes work the same way, except instead of coming in a basket, your gifts come in, well, a box. 

Gift tins contain nuts, candy, and other goodies, and you can also customize them. Samplers are good for those who like a little bit of everything. 

And then, of course, there’s the Nut of the Month Club, which, as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation says, is “the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” 


Try My Corporate Nuts 


So, what do you say? Ready to get those corporate gifts so you can cross them off of your holiday to-do list? Then we’ve got you covered. Check out the “gift giving” section on the Try My Nuts website. We’ve got everything you need to make the season bright. Brighter than the stars that flash before your eyes every time you step on one of your coworker’s Legos.

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