You’ve Heard of Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Now Try These Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

You’ve Heard of Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Now Try These Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds


Ah, chocolate-covered peanuts. Peanuts and chocolate. Have there ever been two foods that were more destined to be together? It’s like a fairy-tale match made in heaven. Well, if peanuts and chocolate are like Snow White and Prince Charming, then sunflower seeds and chocolate are like the ogre and the princess: you don’t really picture them together, but boy, do they make a great pair. What, you’ve never tried chocolate-covered sunflower seeds? Or written copious amounts of Shrek fan fiction? Well, in that case, you’re in for a treat. Regarding the sunflower seeds, not the fan fiction. Although we won’t stop you if you happen to need a new creative outlet. 

Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds

Now, what are chocolate-covered sunflower seeds? You guessed it: They’re sunflower seeds that have been covered in chocolate. They’re smaller than chocolate-covered peanuts, and they have a more even chocolate-to-seed ratio. When you eat a handful, you get a more or less equal amount of chocolate to seed. So if you like chocolate-covered peanuts but wish that the chocolate was the star of the show, then we highly recommend that you try some sunflower seeds, too. 

Something Different to Snack On 

There is one thing that has united all of us over this past year: we’ve all eaten just so many snacks. Did you know that you can get popcorn in more than 50 different flavors? We didn’t know that either at this time last year. Life was simpler back then. 

Eventually, you just get tired of your usual snacks, right? You reach the point when you’ve tried just about everything, and you still need something different. Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds are here to hit the spot. They’re the kind of snack that you don’t see every day, so they’re the perfect choice if you’re ready to try something new and different. 

We Cut Out the Middle Man  

We cut out the middle man with these chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, and by “middle man,” we mean “shell.” And then we replaced that shell with a candy shell, which is a lot more fun and a lot less work. 

Do you ever eat regular sunflower seeds? The kind that hasn’t had its shells replaced by colorful candy?They’re tasty and good for you, sure, but that’s a whole lot of work for a small payoff. That’s like panning for gold all day only to find a shiny rock and some tinfoil. It’s like unwrapping fourteen layers of wrapping paper only to find out that the gift is a pair of socks. 

Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds let you get straight to the good stuff. They also don’t make you work for your snacks. 

When to Eat Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds

Now that you’ve discovered the wonder of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, when is the best time to eat them? We’re glad you asked. The most obvious answer is “any time you want to.” But in case you were looking for some more specific ideas, we’ve got you covered. Just like we’ve got these sunflower seeds covered in delicious chocolate. 

When You Forget to Mute Yourself 

Are you the type of person who forgets to mute your microphone on Zoom? And then your cat starts yelling at you because you’re the monster who hasn’t fed him in twenty whole minutes? Or worse, maybe you’re that person who crunches on carrot sticks for several minutes before realizing that your mic has been on the whole time, and you’ve just treated your coworkers to an entire percussive symphony that they absolutely did not buy tickets to hear. 

Enter chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, which are not only tastier than carrot sticks, they’re also significantly quieter. You may still forget to mute yourself, but at least your snacks aren’t loud enough to alert everyone in the meeting. 

When You Deserve a Reward 

You can also get yourself some chocolate-covered sunflower seeds because you deserve them. And we’re using the word “deserve” more generously than usual here, because we’re all going through some weird stuff. So, did you unload the dishwasher today? Sunflower seeds. Remember that you have clothes in the dryer? Sunflower seeds. Wear pants? You bet your candy-coated nuts that you deserve some sunflower seeds. 

When Valentine’s Day is Over 

Once upon a time, a guy named Saint Valentine got his head chopped off, and about 1700 years later we celebrate that event by giving flowers to our romantic partners and making single people feel bad. We’re sure it made more sense to the guy who came up with the idea. 

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is over, and now is the time to buy chocolate. A lot of people buy surplus candies from the grocery store, but why not mix things up with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds? Maybe you’re more single than that sock we can’t find, or maybe you’ve been married for so long that you’ve started buying appliances as Valentine’s Day gifts. Either way, holidays are weird, and you deserve chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. 

Try My Nuts. And My Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds. 

Here at Try My Nuts, we’re proud of our nuts. Our nuts are tasty, and they have a great texture. And if you don’t mind us saying so, our nuts are also quite pleasant to look at. 

But we’re more than just nuts here at Try My Nuts. We also offer all kinds of ta
sty candies, snacks, and gifts that you probably won’t find in the discount chocolate section of the grocery store. Ready for a snack that’s lightweight and delicious? Then try our chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, and let us know what you think. They also make great gifts. 

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